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be different. live the unreal. know the source of your power.

Unveiling the Journey from Homelessness to Housing Titan: A Tale of Faith, Perseverance, and Revolutionary Impact in Northern California

The mission

Starting from humble beginnings, homeless at 19 and with a steadfast promise to God, Enoch Duplechan's journey from sleeping in a barn to being blessed with 22 houses by age 22 exemplifies the essence of our mission. It's a testament to doing the impossible, embodying the drive and focus that can transform lives and communities. Our mission extends beyond building houses; it's about creating homes that uplift and nurture, rooted in the promise to lead by example and not follow the ways of the world.

We are dedicated to developing safe, substance-free environments that foster health, well-being, and a sense of community. By integrating personal transformation with our professional endeavors, we aim to make a positive, lasting impact on the housing crisis and on the lives of those we serve.

the vision

Inspired by a life that proves dreams can become reality, our vision is expansive. Enoch Duplechan, recognized as a thought leader for his unconventional yet extraordinarily effective approach, envisions a future where every project we undertake transforms a community, making every member within it a beacon of positivity and change. We dream of a world where our circle's influence extends far beyond real estate, inspiring others to dream big, live fully, and make a meaningful difference. Our vision is to lead by example, showing that with faith, focus, and determination, it's possible to overcome any challenge, achieve extraordinary success, and help others do the same.

As we look to the future, our goals are clear: to inspire our team and those we touch to become impactful millionaires, value their relationship with God, and use our collective power to combat evil and expand the kingdom of good. Through our work, we aim not just to build housing, but to forge communities where the power of God and the potential of each individual are celebrated and realized.


My path defies the conventional, championing a unique blend of innovation and spirituality that transcends ordinary limits. This journey isn’t just for personal success but to inspire and uplift everyone in my orbit.

Visionary Leadership

I am deeply committed to not only achieving personal success but also uplifting those around me to unprecedented heights of prosperity. My aspiration is to transform my team into millionaires, signifying not just financial wealth but a richness in purpose and fulfillment.

Transformative Impact

At the heart of my mission is a powerful call to action: BE DIFFERENT! LIVE THE UNREAL! KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR POWER! This mantra encapsulates a life lived in defiance of the ordinary, driven by the extraordinary power of faith.

Inspiration for Change

At the core of my personal brand is a passion for making a difference in the world. Through inspiring actions and motivational leadership, I am dedicated to creating a ripple effect of positive change.

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